In pictures.. The opening of the activities of the 15th session of the National Festival of Professional Theater – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

The Minister of Culture and Arts, Suria Moulouji, from the National Theater “Mohieddin Bastharzi”, inaugurated the activities of the 15th session of the National Professional Theater Festival, which will be organized during the period from December 23, 2022 to January 1, 2023. Who was present on the occasion, in addition to the director of the theater as he is considered the governor of the festival, the people of culture and art, and a large audience that filled the theater hall in its vastness.

Suriya Moulouji considered in her speech that this theatrical meeting is an occasion to declare hope in the hearts of artists from the people of the theater, especially as we rejoice in an unprecedented theatrical movement in the year 2023, as we will witness the production of sixty-year-old shows in various theaters of the country, in addition to producing and directing works. Within the framework of the support program, which was released under an exceptional license that enabled the ministry to settle the status of many artistic productions, from which theatrical institutions and some associations and cooperatives benefited. Theatrical activities will also be organized in the form of caravans touring all parts of the country, which will restore the theatrical movement to the fire. And the radiance, just as the higher authorities in the country, headed by the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, are keen on it, and the cultural and theatrical community in Algeria aspires to it.

The Minister enumerated the virtues, qualities and sacrifices of the celebrated, the feat fighter and the able artist “Taha Al-Amiri”, who was honored on the occasion, especially since the Algerian theater was associated with the memory of the struggle from the beginning, and inculcated the values ​​of citizenship and belonging early on, and contributed to all the moments of building the national state.

It is expected that more than 30 theatrical performances will participate in this session, produced by regional theaters, cooperatives and associations, while the rest of the performances will be presented within parallel programs with the participation of teams from different wilayas of Algeria, in addition to street theater performances in the “Mohamed Touri” square. Adjacent to the National Theatre. In addition to the various theatrical performances, the “Mohamed Bin Qataf” space will host a rich intellectual and literary program that will be activated by doctors and professors from several universities and the Algerian theater scene. Radio theatre, theatrical criticism, vocal education, theater music, storyteller, and this is supervised by specialists in the field, according to each workshop.

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