In pictures.. The opening of the first edition of the International Salon of Industry in Algeria – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

Under the high patronage of the Minister of Industry, the first edition of the International Salon of Industry, organized by Easyfairs Algeria, was inaugurated today, Tuesday, at the Pine des Maritimes Palace, from November 29 to December 01, 2022.

The opening ceremonies were supervised by the Chief of the Cabinet of the Minister of Industry, Mukhtar Bourouina, representing the Minister of Industry, who inspected the pavilions of this exhibition, which is known for the participation of more than 135 exhibitors from public and private industrial institutions, active in the field of industrial production chains, handling, measurement and control, hygiene. Sanitary, environmental protection and security, logistics, production equipment, industrial maintenance, industrial equipment, handling liquids and gases, handling solid bodies, industrial structures, automation.

This salon is a space for linking relationships between the industrial institutions that issue orders, their suppliers, and the corresponding handling institutions in the sectors of activity related to energy, mines, transportation, and others.

Developing an integrated national strategy for the advancement of industrial sectors

In a speech he delivered on the occasion, the head of the cabinet of the Minister of Industry, Mokhtar Bourouina, said that the government has worked, during the period from September 2021 to August 2022, to strengthen each industrial division with a development plan and a program to support the actors within it, whom the public authorities consider as partners, and for this purpose it was completed The establishment of six groups for the mechanical industry. The establishment of a committee for the mechanical and automobile branch. As for the iron and steel industry division, which is witnessing a gradual and clear development in production and export, as approximately 500 thousand tons were exported to the European Union, America and Africa.

In terms of numbers, Borouina adds that this division consists of concrete iron, machine wires and flat iron, and it is expected to reach 1.5 billion by the end of 2022. The electrical industries also enjoyed the establishment of their own group that brings together 120 institutions with a turnover of more than two billion dollars, to be supervised by them. Strategic Committee for the electrical, electronic, home and electronic media branch.

The same speaker added that the ministry has also paid attention to the building materials industries, as a group has been established that includes the most important activists in the ceramic industry, which would contribute to the organization and development of this promising branch, whose production is estimated at more than 200 million square meters per year, in exchange for national needs ranging from Between 120 and 130 million square meters per year. Thus, the ability to export exceeds 180 million square meters per year, as several export operations have been carried out to date, and the investments made a few years ago have allowed achieving self-sufficiency in cement, as the domestic demand has stabilized since 2021 at 22 million tons, with a production capacity exceeded 40 million tons, while exports amounted to 1.5 million tons.

The Chief of Staff concluded his speech that this salon is of particular importance to the Ministry of Industry, which has placed the development of industries of all kinds among its priorities in line with the development known by the latter at the global level. It also expresses an urgent will to upgrade the local industry by adopting a resource valuation policy. and the advancement of all people of industry towards a promising start to achieve economic growth.

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