In pictures.. The parliamentary delegation inspects industrial facilities in Oran and records the concerns of industrialists – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The delegation of the inquiry mission on the Committee of Economic Affairs, Development, Industry, Trade and Planning, headed by Kamal Belkheder, Chairman of the Committee, continued its mission in the state of Oran.

At the first stop of the visit, the delegation, accompanied by the advisor to the governor of the state, the secretary general of the state, the director of industry as well as the deputies of the state, examined the Sani Industrial Zone 1, 2, and 3, where the official of the Divindus Corporation revealed that it was undergoing a rehabilitation process, and he demanded an urgent supplementary financial cover To complete the works, in addition to the exploitation licenses, a legal framework was also proposed allowing the representation of economic operators and the integration of Divindus into the one-stop shop at the local level, in addition to the need to find a solution for unused real estate assets.

After that, the delegation visited the Maghreb Omblage Corporation in Karma, where its director raised the problem of the lack of a paper production plant, stressing the need to complete it, as well as the high bill for imported spare parts. After that, he stopped at the area of ​​​​activities of Sidi Chakhmi and the SARL Wafa and SADJiA establishments specialized in aluminum and ceramics, where the official of the latter confirmed that it suffers from the problem of not being able to obtain an exploitation license for a period of 8 months, as the administrative bureaucracy complained, as for the area of ​​​​activities Tafrawi, he raised Concern regarding reconsideration of the financial cover for supplementing the rehabilitation, as the state director of industry confirmed that its preparation is under study, as well as the problem of connecting to the water network.

In the area of ​​activities, Oued Talilat Sidi Belkhair, the delegation recorded many problems, such as the problem of connecting to the water network, public lighting, security posts, and the perimeter wall.

After that, the delegation of the information mission moved to the industrial zone of Hassi Amer, where the state director demanded to lift the freeze on the cover of the deal, in addition to preparing the area, as well as the need to establish sewage and waste water treatment plants.

As the last scheduled station for the wilaya of Oran, the delegation visited the industrial zone of Sidi Okba, where it recorded concerns related to the preparation and connection to the electricity and gas networks.

After that, the delegation held a meeting with the investors of the state of Oran, which was attended by the governor of the state, Saïd Saoud, accompanied by the president of the Wilaya People’s Assembly, the executives of the wilaya, executive directors, and deputies of the wilaya. The information mission, which falls within the framework of accompanying the efforts of the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, to draw new landmarks to promote economic development and gradually move away from external dependence, which requires concerted efforts in order to achieve its goal of making 2023 the year of real economic take-off.

He also stressed the keenness of the Speaker of the National People’s Assembly, Ibrahim Bogali, to accompany the people’s representatives to investors and economic dealers, and to stand on the ground in order to diagnose the obstacles they face and submit them to the guardianship authorities.

In this regard, the various concerns and obstacles encountered by some of the economic investment activities in the state were raised, which centered mainly around the problem of industrial real estate, preparation, exploitation and building permits, the problem of water and gas connection and the high cost of renting industrial real estate, as investors insisted on the need to expedite the issuance of a draft law related to real estate. In this regard, Mr. Governor expressed his keenness to accompany all investors, stressing that almost all projects have lifted restrictions, as Mr. Saoud explained that the door of the mandate is open to listen to everyone with the aim of finding solutions to problems, so that during this meeting a settlement will take place. 18 concerns out of the 19 proposed, and this is in order to achieve the state’s endeavor to upgrade the national economy and build a strong and prosperous Algeria.

To conclude the meeting, the delegation was honored by the governor of the state, Mr. Saeed Saoud, and in turn, the head of the delegation, Mr. Kamal Belkheder, honored the governor on behalf of the President of the National People’s Assembly, Mr. Ibrahim Bougali.

It should be noted that the delegation moved in the evening to the wilaya of Mostaganem to continue its program of work in the wilaya, and it was received by Mr.

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