Investigations reveal the involvement of Moroccan journalist Rachid Mubaraki with a Zionist disinformation network – Al-Hiwar Algeria

An investigation conducted by the group of 100 “Forbidden Stories” journalists, published by the “Guardian” newspaper, revealed that the case targeting the presenter of the French “BFMTV” network, Moroccan Rachid Mbarki, who is accused of submitting to external influence, is linked to a huge disinformation project run by a company. Zionism.

“There is no doubt that (BFM) is a victim in this story, when someone bypasses Our employees hierarchy, this poses a problem ».

The investigation, to which the investigation unit of Le Monde newspaper and Radio France contributed on behalf of France, stated that this case is linked to a huge disinformation project run by a Zionist company that sells its services all over the world. It’s “Team Jorge”.

The investigative journalists were able to interview an official of this cell in the Zionist entity, and he assured them, supporting this with a presentation before them, that he could automatically create fake accounts on the Internet and write content on social networks or hack e-mail or accounts on the Telegram application. Especially to influence election campaigns.

In the case of Mubaraki on the BFM channel, the news that was broadcast on the air related to wealthy Russians close to power, Sudan, Cameroon and Western Sahara “for foreign agents,” according to the investigation.

The first news channel in France had opened an internal investigation last January due to suspicions against Rashid Mubaraki. Fogiel said that Mubaraki “was able to request (some) pictures at the last moment to clarify the news, when the editor-in-chief was busy with something else and broadcast all his publication.”

Mubaraki admitted that he “used information that came to him from informants” without necessarily following “the usual path of editing.” He added, “The news was all true and verified … I do not rule anything out, I may have been deceived, but I did not feel that was the case, or that I was part of a fraud. If I had known, I would not have done that.”

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