ISESCO stresses the necessity of the presence of the language of adversity in the world – the Algerian dialogue

The Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) has called for integrating technology into teaching the Arabic language, allocating valuable prizes in the field of translation and interpretation related to the work of international organizations, qualifying diplomats linguistically, investigating the causes of weak reliance on Arabic in international organizations, and establishing academic chairs. In international universities, in order to show the potential of the Dhad language and its sustainable civilizational capabilities.

This came during the first conference of the King Salman International Academy for the Arabic Language entitled “Arabic Language in International Organizations”, which is organized by the complex in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, and its work will last for two days, with the high-level participation of heads of international organizations, specialists and those interested in the field of the Arabic language, with the aim of benefiting from various experiences. To support the language of Dhad, and to explore its reality and the most prominent challenges it faces.

In his speech during the conference, Dr. Salem bin Muhammad Al-Malik, Director General of ISESCO, noted the partnership between ASAS and ISESCO in the field of promoting the Arabic language, and the need to search for defects and their sources regarding the reality of the Arabic language in international organizations with a view to remedying and redressing, and the importance of building on the relationship between Arabic And other languages ​​on civilized logic and distancing from competitive fighting, and to develop a vision of translation that takes into account the creative nature of this language and its transcendence to the role of communication to the richness of the lexicon and the spaciousness of the premises.

Al-Malik stressed ISESCO’s keenness and readiness to build practical programs and adopt promising initiatives to enhance the international presence of the Arabic language.

It is noteworthy that the King Salman International Academy for the Arabic Language aims to enhance the role of the Arabic language, disseminate it, serve it, preserve its integrity, support it in speech and writing, and consider its eloquence, origins and rules, to be a global reference in the fields of the Arabic language and its applications.

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