Italian newspapers… Makhzen bribery excluded Sultana Khaya from the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought of the European Parliament – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The Moroccan bribery scandal “Marocgate” continues to reveal its secrets with the passage of days, but this time with the Sahrawi activist for human rights, Sultana Khia, who may be a victim of a resounding corruption scandal in the European Parliament involving Morocco, after being excluded from the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought of the European Parliament.

In this context, the Italian newspaper “Il fatto quotidiano”, quoting investigators from the Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Brussels, indicated that the intervention of the Moroccan regime was not limited to influencing the European Union’s decisions regarding Morocco, but may also concern “the appointment of members of the European Chamber committees.” Which deals with sensitive issues specific to this Maghreb country, as well as those of the “nominees for the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought.”

And by analyzing the list submitted by various political groups, according to the Italian newspaper, “in 2021 it became clear that the Left Group proposed Sultana Khia, the Sahrawi fighter for human rights and the independence of occupied Western Sahara, to have her name among the three names nominated for this award.”

With the complicity of European deputies working for Morocco who exerted pressure in the European Parliament, the Sahrawi activist was denied this award while she was under house arrest with her sister and mother in occupied Boujdour.

Regarding this issue, Sultana Khia had expressed, in an interview with this newspaper, her happiness at having her name nominated for this award while she was being held in her own home, before expressing her disappointment at knowing that she did not win the award, stressing that she was “not at all surprised by that.”

And she added, “After the rape that I was the victim of, finding out that my loss of the Sakharov Prize was caused by the manipulation of the Moroccan government envoys with the complicity of European parliamentarians, it is tantamount to a second rape for me. In this case, this is a flagrant violation of human rights.”

She also considered that if she had won the award, “our cause would have had a greater resonance in all parts of the world,” because the main goal of the Sahrawi people remains independence.

In response to a question about this resounding scandal within the European Parliament, Sultana Khia expressed her happiness at the explosion of this scandal, as she said, “The world now knows that Morocco is forced to buy off parliamentarians to cover up its violations committed against us, and this is a popular victory.”

Rabat is behind the appointment of Eva Kylie and Andrea Cozzolino

but that is not all. It seems that Rabat intervened in order to “amend the annual report of the European Parliament on foreign policy and common security” as well as to appoint deputies to key positions in the European body.

Indeed, the store worked within the committee set up to investigate the Pegasus case, by paying a bribe to a member of the European Parliament, Andrea Cozzolino, a member of the parliamentary committee charged with investigating the use of Zionist spyware.

According to the newspaper, based on the July 29 document, investigators indicated the possibility that the election of Eva Kayli as Vice-President of the European Parliament was supported by the corrupt former European representative, Italian Antonio Panziri and his team.

In this context, he presented an excerpt from this document confirming this hypothesis with “an investigation into a network working for Morocco by developing an activity that interfered with the work of European bodies and offering bribes to individuals holding important positions in them, especially in the European Parliament,” referring to Eva Kayley.

The investigators addressed “several bylaw texts that were voted on.”

While the Brussels prosecution continues its investigations, computer monitoring operations in the offices of parliamentary assistants revealed imbalances regarding some appointments.

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