Japan is interested in manufacturing cars in Algeria

The Minister Delegate for Japanese External Relations, Kanji Yamada, expressed the desire of many Japanese institutions to invest in Algeria, especially with regard to the mechanical industries, specifically the automobile industry.

During his reception, today, Sunday, by the Minister of Industry, Ahmed Zagdar, the Japanese minister spoke of the investors’ initiation of the necessary preparations to comply with the new provisions necessary to enter the Algerian market, and to enter the field of vehicle manufacturing, which Algeria recently opened for the benefit of major car brands, as well as the fields of the pharmaceutical and energy industries.

A statement by the Ministry of Industry stated that Kanji Yamada, who discussed with Ahmed Zaghdar the opportunities for industrial cooperation between Algeria and Japan, affirmed his country’s will to strengthen the presence of Japanese institutions in Algeria, especially in light of its presence on an important axis that allows access to African, European and Arab markets.

The Minister of Industry responded by stressing that the doors of cooperation and partnership are open to Japanese investors in all industrial fields to embody their projects in Algeria, while ensuring the exchange of knowledge and experiences between the two parties, and activating coordination to crystallize and promote these joint projects.

The two parties reviewed the reality of the Algerian-Japanese economic relations, and ways to promote and develop them, within the framework of economic relations based on investment and partnership, Rabah-Rabih. Permanent and productive investment projects, especially in light of the new reforms initiated by the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune recently, through the new legal system for investment, which would attract real investments of added value, and in light of the equality guaranteed by this law between local and foreign investors.

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