Jordanian political analyst: The visit of the Jordanian monarch to Algeria was successful by all standards

The visit of the Jordanian king to Algeria culminated in the establishment of a new phase with broad horizons that brought the two brotherly countries together in a commercial, economic and diplomatic cooperation partnership through the signing of five projects that would achieve the future vision that bets on a strategic relationship and partnership in all fields between the two peoples.

And in a reading about the visit of the Jordanian king to Algeria and the reception he received from the President of the Republic Abdel Majeed Tebboune, the Jordanian writer and political analyst Hamada Pharaoh confirmed, saying that the visit of the Jordanian monarch to Algeria was successful by all standards, as evidenced by the issues that were discussed and the projects that were signed. This reflects – he adds – the fact that the two countries, Algeria and Jordan, are interested in strengthening relations and linking the partnership of cooperation, hoping that the visit will be a great opening for strengthening and continuing relations between Jordan and Algeria.

The political analyst pointed out that Algeria succeeded in holding a successful and distinguished Western summit, and spared no effort for reunification, and this was reflected – he says – in the statement emanating from the Arab summit at the end.

Algeria also succeeded – he adds – in holding meetings between the Palestinian factions and to get hold of the Palestinian situation, stressing that this success constitutes a political gain for Jordan, since Palestine is close to it, and it is considered a central link for it and its status is considered as part of national and national security.

And political analyst Hamada added: “We look forward to Algeria consolidating relations between us, especially after this success and after this visit that came in the wake of the Arab summit,” noting in the context that Algeria and Jordan have succeeded in overcoming great obstacles and bets during the past years.

This convergence between the two countries is expressed by the presence of a factor of stability – he says – on broad horizons in strengthening relations and great opportunities for cooperation in the field in the African and the Mediterranean basin, where the Arab countries and foreign countries are friendly.

Accordingly, the political analyst adds, saying, “Jordan is in the Arab East and Algeria is in the Maghreb, and therefore this communication between the two countries, in addition to security stability, can play an important role in restoring Arab presence and respect at the international level.”

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