Justice Agency: The site selection platform for appeals is still open

The National Agency for Housing Improvement and Development “Adl” confirmed, in a statement, that the site selection platform for accepted subscribers after examining their appeals is still “activated”, after recent disturbances were recorded.
And the “Adl” agency attributed in its statement, which it published on its website, that the platform “underwent great pressure due to the access of a large number of subscribers at the same time, which led to disruption of the process for some subscribers.”
However, the concerned subscribers can enter again to complete the selection process and extract the registration form, according to the same source, who confirmed that “the agency’s doors remain open to answer all subscribers’ inquiries.”
Last Sunday, the agency launched the site selection process for the appellants who had recently paid the first part of their housing.
The allocation process takes place according to the applicable procedures, while respecting the chronological order of registration, as confirmed by the agency in a previous statement.

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