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Today, Monday, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Kamal Badari, announced the launch of 9 digital platforms for the sector, stressing that they fall within the first axis and taking into account the instructions of the President of the Republic during the Council of Ministers convened in October of last year, which insisted on digitizing the higher education and research sector. Higher.

And as for the second axis in the digital platforms that were launched, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Kamal Badari, stated that it comes within the framework of embodying the government’s action plan that centers on improving higher education and scientific research through the digitization of the activities of this sector, revealing that our base falls within The digital master plan, which consists of 12 bets, 7 strategic axes, 16 strategic programs and 102 special operational programs.

The minister said, “This launch will be organized every month in order to launch digital platforms, which are considered an actor in the digital economy, a model of excellence and commitment, and a model for achieving modern management in line with the requirements of actors in the higher education and scientific research sector.”

The minister stated that many digital platforms will be launched in the near future related to university services, and the platforms that were launched today are in line with the digital platforms that have come into service with a digital notebook for compatibility between formation and operation, and each of the high school students who are about to pass A baccalaureate degree, in order to see what the university holds in terms of specializations and means to support employment and economic institutions that will employ them later.

And Minister Badari Kamal considered that the second beneficiary, after students and economic institutions, is the states and local groups in order to achieve local development, ensuring at the same time a good preparation for all applied work that has a relationship with the economic and social environment.

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