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No one expected that the fate of the Croatian national team would be in the hands of its obscure goalkeeper Levakovic, as the football fans in this country are accustomed to the achievements of their team written by first-class stars, such as Luka Modric, the best player in the world in 2018, Perisic or even Kovacic.

But this time, goalkeeper Levakovic emerged, who eliminated the Japanese national team alone, after he saved several decisive balls in the confrontation, and starred remarkably in the penalty shootout series, by saving three kicks, qualifying the Croatian national team for the next round.

Engineer rank guard

Dominic F was born in 1995 in the Croatian city of Zadar, and he currently plays for the Croatian league giant Dynamo Zagreb. The then historic semi-final. In addition to his football career, Levakovic obtained an engineering degree, trained in structural engineering, and worked as an engineer at the Ministry of Seas, Transport and Infrastructure in his country. Dominic comes from a highly educated family, where his father worked as a senior secretary at the Ministry of Seas, Transport and Infrastructure, and his grandfather worked as a radiologist.

He starred with Dinamo Zagreb, opening the doors to the national team for him

In May 2016, Levakovic was first called up to the Croatian national team in a friendly match against Moldova, while he played for the first time in 2017 during a friendly tournament in China, during a match in which Croatia lost to Chile on penalties. In recent years, Levakovic has established himself as an outstanding goalkeeper in Dinamo Zagreb, and contributed to the team qualifying for the quarter-finals of the European League for the first time in its history during a season two seasons ago, after conceding one goal in 5 matches he played in the group stage. He also saved a dangerous opportunity from Harry Kane in an unusual way when the result indicated that Dynamo Zagreb prevailed 3-0 in the extra innings of the confrontation, to contribute to his team’s 3-2 victory in the aggregate matches during the round of 16 of the tournament. Levakovic was part of the team that dissolved In the runner-up against France in the last World Cup, and he did not participate in any match, but he became the first choice for Dalic in the European Nations Championship in the summer of last year. And by counting the Japan match, the 28-year-old goalkeeper’s international tally is 37 international matches, during which he scored 42 goals, and went out in 11 games with a clean sheet.

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