Lieutenant General Al-Said Chanegriha on a working visit and inspecting the units of the 12th Mechanized Infantry Division – Al-Houwar, Algeria

During the second day of his field visit to the 1st Military Region, Lieutenant General Saïd Chanegriha, Chief of Staff of People’s National Army, today, Saturday, paid a working visit and inspected the units of the 12th Division of the Mechanized Infantry, where he was briefed on the extent of the implementation of the combat preparation program For this large unit, he examined the professional and life conditions of the employees working at the level of the units stationed in the region.

After that, the team visited the first two units in the garrison of Djelfa, where he supervised the inauguration of new headquarters for it and toured its various departments and facilities, and received detailed explanations about them. On this occasion, the first team stressed the need to continue improving the working conditions of employees, especially by creating an atmosphere of direct communication and listening. He called on everyone to work to preserve the facilities and equipment in the estate and maintain it periodically so that it is always at the highest level of required readiness.

Finally, this team inspected the first military field hospital, which was deployed in Idrisiyeh in the state of Djelfa, in the first military region, in order to provide medical care for the residents of the region. This field hospital is equipped with the latest medical equipment necessary to conduct various medical examinations for citizens, as well as to perform surgical operations. In this regard, Mr. Lieutenant General stressed the keenness to ensure good care of citizens, especially those living in isolated areas.

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