Lieutenant General Chanegriha inaugurates the works of the annual meeting of the Algerian gear – El Hewar

The Chief of Staff of People’s National Army, Lieutenant General Saïd Chanegriha, supervised, on Tuesday, the inauguration of the works of the annual meeting of the personnel of the equipment at the Higher School of Equipment in the 1st Military Region.

Lieutenant General Al-Said Shangriha, and in a directive speech that he followed through the remote lecture technique, the staff of the Central Directorate of Equipment at the level of the six military districts, he expressed his happiness at supervising the annual meeting of the equipment executives.

He urged, “to take advantage of this meeting to value the accumulated and refine the acquired experiences, and thus reach the highest levels of deep understanding of the tasks entrusted to you within the chain of technical support and maintain readiness at the level of all components of the National People’s Army.”

The First Lieutenant General was also keen “that the rules of readiness that we aim to achieve and embody in the field at the level of the strength of the battle of the National People’s Army are based on the principle of absolute integration and automatic harmony functionally and operationally between the various existing components in such a way that this strength becomes like a single body whose condition is not correct unless it is correct.” All of its members, without exception.

Chanegriha added, “Based on the fact that the support networks are the artery that supplies the strength of the battle to the People’s National Army with everything it needs at the right time and in the right place in the required quantity, we are absolutely certain that the ability of the military individual and his moral, psychological and combative level is very much related to the efficiency of these support networks and the credibility of their performance.”

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