Madjid Bougherra: “This is what I liked about Baraki Stadium” – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

National voter Madjid Bougherra expressed his satisfaction after the national team of local players played the first training session at the Baraki stadium, which will host the “Desert Warriors” confrontations in the 2023 African Cup for local players, which Algeria will host from January 13 to February 4 next year.

He said: “The Baraki stadium is amazing. We trained on it in the first session. The floor is more than wonderful, and we found our comfort in it, and I am happy with that. The closeness of the supporters to us will provide us with a strong incentive in the “Al-Shan” matches.

“We will achieve our goals in this lurking.”

Bougherra revealed his goals from this lurking and said: “This month’s lurking will be the last before announcing the final list of the “Chan”, as we will finish the series of preparations that we made a year ago from now, and our goal in the two friendly matches against Mauritania and Senegal is to give all players the opportunity To participate, where we will play with two formations, and we will enter into the midst of competition starting from this lurking in order to present a strong tournament.

“This is why we chose Annaba Stadium.”

And about the secret of choosing the Annaba stadium to host the two friendly matches against Mauritania and Senegal, he said: “The Annaba stadium is ready and has been modernized, which motivated us to play the two friendly matches in it. We will play the first confrontation without an audience for the sake of tactical and technical work so as not to affect the players’ concentration, while the second confrontation will be in the presence of the masses for the sake of psychological work, and we will involve players who did not play much with us or who are returning from injury, in the face of Mauritania, in order to give them enough time to compete. While we will play the second confrontation with players who participated in previous confrontations in the national championship, to give them a chance for recovery.”

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