Mahrez is the best in the world – Algerian dialogue

It seems that the debate will continue in the world of football, about the current best in the stadiums in all aspects, whether in scoring, defense or even in taming the ball, and this time Riyad Mahrez, the star of Manchester City and the Algerian national team, entered the circle of conflict.

British journalist Tom Young, who works for the English version of the Spanish “vavel” website, sparked a controversy on Twitter because of the Greens star, after he described “Hrouz” as having the undisputed best first touch of the ball on the world stage. And Young tweeted, through his personal account on “Twitter”, saying: “Riyad Mahrez has the best first touch of the ball in the world, and I do not want to listen to anyone who says otherwise.” But it was not only the tweet that ignited the controversy, but even the responses that were divided, between supporters and opponents, as a Manchester City fan wrote: “I have not seen someone tame the ball with one touch, after a pass that reached him from 50 meters like him … the man is wonderful.” While another added: “To be frank, I do not see any player close to the level of Riyad Mahrez, in terms of the first touch of the ball.” And a third added: “There are no other opinions to listen to, he is the best.” While some followers attacked Young’s tweet, asserting that Mahrez does not reach the level of other players, such as Marcelo and Neymar, as one of them tweeted, saying: “The problem is in the decisions he takes after taming the ball.” Another tweeter wrote: “There is Marcelo, and Neymar, And Ronaldo, and Messi.”

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