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The Minister of Vocational Training and Education, Yassine Marabi, confirmed the formation of more than 1,000 trainees annually with special needs at the level of the five regional centers specialized in training this category, located in the wilayas of Relizane, Laghouat, Skikda, Boumerdes and Algiers, indicating that the centers have been completed according to the approved standards for their benefit.

During his supervision, today, Monday, of the opening of a study day on “organizing training at the level of training institutions for people of determination,” the minister revealed the ministry’s programmed goals to care for and ensure vocational training and rehabilitation for these groups, stressing at the outset the ministry’s endeavor to develop mechanisms and methods to develop the spirit of creativity among These groups of society to ensure their professional inclusion

Among the goals, he added, is also to strengthen cooperation between all actors in this field, including civil society institutions, with the aim of providing an appropriate environment for these groups to follow the training paths and try to address the obstacles that impede their joining these paths.

In addition, the minister continued to open the way for vocational training and education professors to re-adapt from following up on rehabilitative trainings related to the modalities and methods of dealing with these special groups.

Marabi mentioned that the vocational training and education sector adopts a social and participatory approach to provide appropriate training for these groups to protect them from social exclusion, which the government attaches – he said – great care in its work program in the axis entitled Improving care for the most vulnerable populations, including children and adolescents, as well as people with disabilities. special needs by adopting a cross-sectoral approach in accordance with the basic principles of the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Special Needs

He pointed out that the sector has allocated an adapted program for the benefit of these groups and special procedures, by giving them priority to join the available vocational trainings on the basis of commensurate disability with the desired specialization, in addition to granting licenses to reduce the academic level for one year to join the specializations of the first, second and third levels.

The minister pointed out the need for participatory work in order to optimally support this segment in terms of psychological, social and health aspects, as he said, “Taking care of these groups requires intensified efforts between the various sectors and concerned parties, including ministerial departments, national and international bodies, and associations active in this field, to reintegrate these groups socially.” economically and provides them with a respectable living framework that allows them to highlight their abilities and creativity

It is worth noting that this study day was organized in coordination and cooperation with the National Authority for the Protection and Promotion of Childhood, as well as the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

The Minister of Vocational Training and Education was accompanied by the Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security, and the Minister of Solidarity and Family and Women’s Issues.

Executives and actors in this field were also present to consult and come up with recommendations aimed at achieving the goals outlined for optimal care in forming a group of people with special needs.

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