Maulouji supervises the opening of the “Cultural and Scientific Village Week”

Today, the Minister of Culture and Arts, Souria Moulouji, from the state of Tipaza, supervised the official opening ceremony of the “Cultural and Scientific Village Week” at the Abdel Wahhab Salim Bishnoua Cultural Complex, which coincides with the celebration of the National Children’s Day, July 15th.

The program includes many workshops, artistic and entertainment performances, and training workshops in theatre, music, coloring, national songs, and plastic art for children.

This event will be an opportunity for children to learn more about drawing techniques, train on musical instruments, and enjoy various classical dance performances. In addition, it is a space for children who are amateurs of theatrical works, reading, and lovers of cinema and plastic arts. The program also organizes many workshops such as the handicraft workshop, and the Seven Families Game workshop. , the little astronomer’s workshop, the service industry’s workshop

On the sidelines of the official opening of the demonstration, the minister stressed that “this initiative comes in its second year to consolidate the principle of the best interest of the child from a legal, social or cultural perspective alike.”

Madam Minister praised the space that brings together children from all states by containing various artistic, literary and cultural workshops, considering it an opportunity for children to spend the holiday in comfort and acquire new knowledge and skills that will benefit them in their future academic life.

The Minister, during her supervision last Friday of reviving the official celebrations of the National Children’s Day in Hamma, had confirmed that the Ministry of Culture and Arts attaches great importance to the cultural, educational and tasteful care of our children, and will spare no effort in organizing many cultural events for the benefit of our daughters and sons and on various occasions. And in all states.

It is worth noting that the “Cultural and Scientific Village Week” demonstration will continue until July 22, 2023. Children participating in cultural and scientific workshops will benefit from books distributed by the National Library.

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