Maulouji supervises the opening of the forum “Malik Bennabi and the Question of Culture” – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

Today, Thursday, the Minister of Culture and Arts, Souria Moulouji, presided over the opening of the “Malik Bennabi and the Question of Culture” forum, organized by the Algerian Agency for Cultural Radiation, with the participation of a number of researchers and university professors, at the Moufdi Zakaria Palace of Culture in Algiers.

At the beginning of her speech in front of many political and cultural figures, Maulouji indicated that “the thinker Malik Bennabi motivates us to retrieve our hidden symbols from oblivion and enlighten them, and if we have to take care in the Ministry of Culture and Arts of the cultural issue in all its manifestations, then reading and the book are the meeting place of all cultures and all aspects of culture,” adding That “Malik bin Nabi is a man of reading par excellence, he formulated his vision of the world and the approach of culture and civilization and the problems of society through his extensive readings.”

The minister mentioned the thinker who “questions reality with the approach of the great thinkers and presents his distinctive vision on issues of culture and civilization,” and who, like Mustafa al-Ashraf, Abdelkader Jaghloul, Ali al-Kanz and others, is considered some of “our pillars upon which the visions of Algeria are based (…) and they have a duty upon us Celebration and appreciation.”

For his part, the Dean of the Algiers Mosque, Sheikh Muhammad Mamoun Al-Qasimi Al-Husseini, touched on stations and luminous aspects of the life and positions of the great thinker Malik bin Nabi, who was preoccupied with the problem of “patrimony and modernity and enriched the library with his writings,” highlighting that Malik bin Nabi “was inspired by the Holy Qur’an as the fulcrum on which he relies. It has to build his vision and methodology, considering today’s meeting as a “stop for consideration, reflection and a new reading of Malik bin Nabi’s thought.”

In turn, the Director General of the Algerian Agency for Cultural Radiation, Abdelkader Ben Damache, referred to the organization of the “National Reading Championship – Malek Bennabi” in its first session, where every year it will bear the name of an Algerian thinker to revive his heritage and creativity, highlighting that it “engages in the endeavor of the Ministry of Culture and Arts to In order to consolidate the act of reading and reading among Algerian youth, and to honor one of the pillars of thought in Algeria.

The results of the jury of the first edition of the “National Reading Championship – Malik bin Nabi” competition resulted in the coronation of 3 prize winners, where Al-Ayeb Haider won the first place, Masouda Ali Wa’er returned to the second place, while the third place went to Sulaf Atabi, in addition to allocating 3 encouragement prizes.

On the sidelines of the demonstration, the Minister of Culture and Arts, Souria Moulouji, inaugurated an exhibition that included the most important publications of Malik Bennabi, along with various pictures that highlight the path of the thinker.

For reference, the activities of the “Malik Bennabi and the Question of Culture” forum are continuing at the Moufdi Zakaria Palace of Culture, through the provision of valuable interventions by specialized professors from various institutes and universities in Algeria dealing with the problem at hand, such as “the obsession with culture at Malik Bennabi”, “the civilizational dimension of the concept of culture” and Manifestations of the critical mind in the thought of Malik bin Nabi.

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