Measures to counteract fluctuations in anticancer drugs

The Minister of Health, Abdelhak Saihi, said today, Tuesday in Algiers, that his ministerial department has taken the necessary measures to address the fluctuations related to the provision of drugs intended for the treatment of cancer, stressing that the number of drugs currently available has reached 7 out of the 12 concerned with the interruption.
On the sidelines of a meeting entitled “Essential Medicines: For Better Benefit from Treatment,” the minister said, “We have taken measures to confront disorders related to cancer treatment.”
He added that, in addition to the recently imported medicines, “the number of available anti-cancer medicines has reached 7, pending the success of the global market’s efforts to acquire the remaining 5 medicines.”
In the same context, Saihi referred to the “serious work” initiated by the Ministry of Health, in partnership with the Ministry of Energy and Mines, in order to sponsor a workshop for the development of nuclear medicine, which is involved in the treatment of this disease.
On this occasion, the minister added that thanks to the efforts made by the state, the rate of provision of basic medicines increased from 67 percent to 85 percent in terms of national needs.

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