Memorandum of Understanding between Sonatrach and the Petroleum Company of Congo Brazzaville

The Sonatrach Group signed, today, Sunday, in the capital, a memorandum of understanding with the National Petroleum Company of Congo-Brazzaville, aimed at strengthening cooperation between the two parties in the field of hydrocarbons.
The signing took place at the headquarters of the General Directorate of Sonatrach, by the President and General Manager of the complex, Toufik Hakkar, and the General Manager of (SNPC), Mayconest Raul Ominga, in the presence of cadres from both sides.
According to the explanations provided, this memorandum aims to lay the foundations for “effective and sustainable” cooperation in the fields of exploration and development, transportation, conversion, distribution and supply of petroleum products, and marketing of fuels.
The memorandum includes the exchange of expertise and experiences and the development of professional skills and training for the employees of the National Petroleum Corporation of Congo (CNPC).
During this visit, which extends from the sixteenth to the twentieth of July, the Congolese delegation will visit many Sonatrach facilities, especially the Hassi Messaoud oil field, the Hassi Rmel gas field, the industrial zone in Arzew, and the Algiers refinery, as well as training institutions, especially the Algerian Institute of Petroleum in Boumerdes, and the Academy of Petroleum. Sonatrach for Mines in Oran.
In his speech on the occasion, Hokkar stressed that the visit of the Congolese delegation “comes within the framework of cooperation that was launched after the meetings of the African Oil Producers Organization,” noting that “this visit will allow the delegation to get acquainted with Sonatrach and exchange expertise and experiences with the executives of the complex regarding all links of the oil and gas industrial chain.” “.
The senior Sonatrach official added, “The two parties are working together to share experiences through Sonatrach’s training centers, especially the Algerian Institute of Petroleum and the Academy of Mining, which will allow the two companies to get to know each other better and search for partnership opportunities and develop south-south cooperation,” stressing that The two companies have “a lot of advantages” to develop this partnership.
According to Hakkar’s statements: “The two companies will work together to develop an energy transition model in a way that meets and respects the development goals of both parties and pursues the path of Africa. This memorandum will allow the two companies to work together in the field of research and exploration in the Congo, which has important oil and gas reserves.” shared for this purpose.
For his part, the Director General of the Congolese company highlighted the existing cooperation relations between the Republics of Congo-Brazzaville and Algeria, especially through the various meetings held to re-launch the African Oil Producers Organization, in a special economic context.
In this regard, the official stressed that “the two companies must strengthen south-south cooperation to avoid new surprises,” stressing that “the Congolese delegation came to seek a strong and permanent partnership from Sonatrach.”
Ominga stressed that Algeria and Sonatrach are considered “models to follow” in the field of energy, stressing that his visit to the Algerian company and its facilities “will allow the delegation to leave with a good testimony to the Congolese authorities, led by the head of state and the minister of hydrocarbons.”
In this context, he mentioned the support provided by Sonatrach in 1974 to the Republic of the Congo in the field of hydrocarbons, adding that the Congolese Oil Company relies heavily on the experience of Sonatrach, which is a “model” company, in order to revive this bilateral cooperation.

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