Merabi from Tebessa: It is necessary to form a qualified workforce in the mining sector – El Hewar Algeria

The Minister of Vocational Training and Education, Yassine Marabi, affirmed Thursday in Tebessa that his sector is working to keep pace with the new economic developments in the country by working to form a qualified technical workforce in the mining sector as a reliable economic resource.

In a speech he delivered during his supervision of the opening of a study day on “enriching and modernizing the specializations of the Mines and Quarries Division to suit the labor market” at the National Institute specialized in vocational training “Chihani Bashir” in the city of Tebessa within the framework of a working visit and inspection he made to this state, the minister highlighted that Its sector is working to engage in the country’s major development strategy under the slogan “For a new economic model based on diversifying growth and a knowledge economy and relying on alternative revenues from the hydrocarbon sector.”

This comes – the minister adds – through full coordination with the energy and mining sector and the various economic operators at the national level to contribute to the revival of the national economy in the field of mines and the formation of a technical and qualified workforce.

After pointing out that the wilaya of Tebessa is distinguished by its mining character with distinction, as it abounds with iron mines in El Ouenza and Boukhadra in its north, and phosphate mines in the Jebel El Ank region in Bir El Ater in its south, Mr. Marabi stated that his ministerial department is working on setting up a multi-year program for mining studies and research aimed at the industrial valuation of resources. astrologer.

He stated that the state’s orientation to invest in these structured projects, such as the iron mine in Ghar Jbeilat in the wilaya of Tindouf, and the integrated phosphates in Jebel El Ank, zinc and lead in the Amizour Valley (Bejaia), requires the accompaniment of the energy sector and mines within this strategy, as part of an effort to keep pace with the terms of reference contained in the People’s Professional Code. .

The latter includes 11 majors in the field of mines and quarries, crowned with a certificate from “level two” to “fifth”, including a cracker in mines, mine prevention and security, a miner in quarries, a technician in mines, geology of mines, a laboratory in mines and quarries, and a construction manager for mineral processing.

For her part, Mounira Merah, Head of the Training Department of the State Directorate of Vocational Training and Education, explained that this study day, in which representatives of the sector from the wilayas of Souk Ahras, Annaba and Skikda participate, aims to study the operational methods to be followed to enrich and modernize the disciplines related to the Division of Mines and Quarries to respond to the requirements of the labor market. Especially in areas where mining activities are based, such as the wilaya of Tebessa, by working to activate a strategic partnership with specialized economic operators who are pioneers in this field, which will enable – according to them – the adaptation of educational maps and the exchange of experiences and knowledge.

The Minister of Education and Vocational Training continues his visit to the wilaya of Tebessa by inspecting the apprenticeship conditions for apprentices at the phosphate complex in Jabal al-Anq in the municipality of Bir al-Atr, visiting a number of training institutions affiliated to his sector in the municipalities of Sharia, El Marij and Boulahaf El Deir, and concluding agreements with a number of economic operators.

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