Messi continues the Argentine dream in Qatar – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The Argentine national team succeeded in qualifying for the World Cup final, which will be played next Sunday at Lusail Stadium, after its victory on the same stadium against Croatia by three without a response, in the semi-finals today.

And the “Tango” ended the first half with a comfortable progression of two goals without a response, and although Modric’s comrades were the most in possession of the ball, Messi and his companions succeeded in scoring the goal of progress from a penalty kick obtained by Julian Alvarez, after he was obstructed by goalkeeper Levakovic, and Messi converted it to the goal of progress in the minute. 34, before Julian Alvarez added the second goal from an individual action, he led it from the middle of the field, and put the ball into the net in the 39th minute, to end the first half with two unanswered goals.

In the second half, the “Croats” tried to return to the result, but the Argentines’ toughness prevented that, so that the Cubs of Scaloni went through the confrontation in their favor, and added a third goal after a mighty work from Messi, who presented a ball on a plate to his colleague Julian Alvarez, who scored the third goal for the Argentine national team and his second in the confrontation. And the confrontation ends with a clear victory for the “Celeste” team, and it sets a date with the winner from the confrontation between Morocco and France tomorrow.

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