Minister of Mujahideen: Algerian history has a special place in the hearts of Algerians – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research signed a framework agreement with the Ministry of Mujahideen and People with Rights in the field of valuing historical scientific research and protecting national memory.

This agreement aims to define areas of cooperation and consultation between the two ministries, by strengthening and consolidating the foundations and methods of consolidating the national memory and communicating it to the younger generations.

On the occasion of this agreement, Badari, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, stressed the need for the Algerian University to play a pivotal role that affects society and adopts it, saying in this regard, “The university must influence society, and based on this, we decided to sign this agreement.” .

In the same context, the minister explained that this agreement includes in its merits the offers of training, renewal and strengthening, including the history of Algeria, encouraging at the same time the youth, to establish emerging institutions interested in history, and to help in the history of the history of the revolution, with everything that is scientific and accurate so that Have an effective influence locally, regionally and internationally.

For his part, the Minister of the Mujahideen and People with Rights, Eid Rabika, considered that the cooperation agreement between the Ministries of Higher Education and the Mujahideen indicates the status enjoyed by the history of Algeria in the heart of the Algerian people. Science and keeping up with the future.

He urged the Mujahideen Minister to continue embodying the government’s action plan and implementing the President’s programs by preserving the national memory, especially since this initiative falls within the establishment of building solid foundations between the sectors of higher education and the Mujahideen with a participatory approach, and the localization of various historical demonstrations on the campuses of educational institutions and the interaction of students with their history.

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