Minister of Youth and Sports Abdel Razzak Sabkak: “Algeria is ready” – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

Abdel Razzak Sabkak, Minister of Youth and Sports, revealed yesterday at Houari Boumediene International Airport, Algeria’s readiness to host the African Cup of Nations for local players, which will start on the 13th of this month.

Stressing at the same time that all Algerians are required to make this football match a success, saying: “Algeria possesses all the necessary qualifications for the success of the African Cup of Nations for local players, and everyone who visits our country will discover that we are able to host various major events.”

All Algerians are obligated to contribute to the success of the “Chan”

The Minister of Youth and Sports also talked about the factors that would make the continental event a success in Algeria, and stressed that all Algerians are required to contribute to its success, and he added: “Algerians of all kinds are required to contribute to the success of this football event that we are about to organize, and the Algerian masses must have the spirit.” We have all the qualifications, and we aspire to follow in the footsteps of the State of Qatar, which has achieved great success in organizing the World Cup events, and I am sure that we will meet everyone’s expectations.”

“The media family is required to market the best image of our fans.”

Abd al-Razzaq Sabqaq continued his talk about the factors that would give the best picture of the Algerian masses, which he considered at the same time civilized masses. He said: “We, as administration and public authorities, are entrusted with accompanying this continental event, along with the entire media family, which is obliged to focus its efforts in order to sensitize the Algerian masses.” The importance of presenting the best image of the Algerian supporter, who will undoubtedly be an example of the civilized and hospitable supporter, and who will give the best image of our country, Algeria.

“Baraqi stadium is ready”

In a question about the new Baraki stadium, and about the possibility of it hosting a friendly match before the start of the competition, the minister confirmed that the stadium is ready, and that it is witnessing some recent frills, and said: “The Baraki stadium is completely ready, and it is now witnessing some finishing touches from the technical side, and within 48 hours.” The next one will decide on the possibility of hosting him for a friendly match before the start of the official competition.”

“Algerian handball must regain its prestige.”

On the other hand, the Minister of Youth and Sports addressed a motivational speech to the players of the national handball team, in anticipation of their participation in the world championship, and said: “The challenge ahead is great. Perhaps the preparations were not at the level, but we have to adapt and achieve a positive result. You are warriors in the field, it is about Algeria, you carry the Algerian flag, so we expect a lot from you, as the world date will witness strong competition, and it is time for Algerian handball to regain its position through grassroots work, and by relying on its traditions, the government has put all the necessary capabilities in front of you, and we are waiting for you The same enthusiasm that you have accustomed us to, and we are ready to provide the necessary support. The idea of ​​handball is the second most popular sport in Algeria, and the national team is a reference for Algerian clubs, so we will continue to follow all the developments of our team. Earlier we were working in disastrous conditions and we were able to achieve acceptable results. And now we expect more from you.”


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