Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Registration of two deaths of two Algerian women due to the earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

Within the framework of following up on the conditions of members of the Algerian community residing in the Republic of Turkey and the Syrian Arab Republic, especially in the areas affected by the earthquake that struck the two brotherly countries, in coordination with the Algerian embassies in Ankara and Damascus and the Consulate General in Istanbul, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the national community abroad has learned that two deaths of two Algerian women have been registered.
The matter relates to both Mrs. Sarayeri Samiha (44 years old) and her daughter Barbar Hadil (13 years old), whose bodies were recovered in the city of Iskenderun in Hatay Governorate, southern Turkey, this afternoon, and their identities were confirmed.
This evening, the services of the Consulate General of Algeria in Istanbul, in coordination with the Turkish authorities, have initiated the procedures for transferring their bodies to the city of Istanbul and initiating the necessary procedures in order to return them to the homeland, where the Algerian state will take care of all the expenses of transporting the bodies.
As the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the national community abroad extend their sincere condolences and sympathy to the family of the two deceased, they pray to God Almighty to bless their pure soul with His vast mercy and grant their families patience and solace.

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