Mohamed Dahmani: The “Kabdal” program came with a new stereotype in the management of local public affairs – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryya

Mohamed Dahmani, director of the National Plan for Algeria’s Kabdal Programs, at the Ministry of Interior, Local Communities and Urban Planning, said that the Kabdal program came with a new pattern in the management of local public affairs.
Dahmani said on Channel One waves today, Tuesday, that “the Capdal pilot program aims to develop a new approach by involving citizens in the management of local public affairs and in strategic planning, while working on developing proactive planning for major risks and improving public utility services at the local level.”
He also added, “This experimental approach will allow lessons to be drawn and enable the Ministry of the Interior, Local Authorities and Urban Planning to study how to generalize it to all municipalities of the country by examining the legal arsenal and mechanisms of practice in the field of local governance.”
Dahmani said, “The Kabdal program is an experimental program that falls within the framework of cooperation between the Algerian government, represented by the Ministry of Interior, Local Authorities and Urban Planning, and the United Nations Development Program, with financial support from the European Union.”
He also pointed out that “this program was launched in a number of model municipalities across the national territory, which affected participatory democracy, local development, and ways of citizen participation in the conduct of local public affairs, which contribute to advancing the local development of the region.”
Dahmani continued his speech by saying that “this program works on communication between the local civil society and the local public authorities, whether at the municipal, district and state levels.” major risks at the local level.
On the other hand, the same official revealed that he faced some difficulties in implementing this pilot program because of some mentalities that refuse to deal with the problem of local development and the management of local regions on the part of elected officials, local authorities, or on the part of civil society with all its components.
He also added that “the training plan for the program to support the capabilities of actors in local development as a substitute allowed the formation of many executives from local groups and elected municipal councils at the national level in order to improve the capabilities of these frameworks to activate the constitutional principle related to the consolidation of participatory democracy at the level of local groups and the involvement of citizens in decision-making.” The decision, as permitted by the formulation of the charter of my country, which is a moral contract between the elected and citizens of all categories.

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