More than 200 thousand trainees will join the training institutions tomorrow – the Algerian Dialogue

The Director of Guidance, Examinations and Certification at the Ministry of Vocational Training and Education, Hajj Masoud Rashid, announced the enrollment, starting from tomorrow, Sunday, of more than 200,000 trainees and apprentices in training institutions at the national level, distributed over various types and training devices, on the occasion of the training entry for the February session (2022-2023). ).

In anticipation of this entry, the vocational training and education sector provides 321,305 new pedagogical seats, including 82,124 new seats in the apprenticeship training pattern, another 59,591 in the face-to-face training pattern, and 2,490 seats in distance training.

It also provides, among the total number of new pedagogical seats, 14,316 pedagogical seats for the training of women staying at home, 12,813 others for evening classes, 3,670 new seats for training in rural settings, in addition to 495 new pedagogical seats within the framework of the literacy apparatus – vocational rehabilitation.

In order to make this entry a success, according to the same official, the Ministry has mobilized the necessary material and human means, especially in terms of structures that include more than 1,200 training institutions, in addition to educational technical equipment, in addition to programming 508 specializations in 23 vocational divisions found in the National Code for the affiliated vocational training divisions and specializations. For the sector that is determined according to the specifics of each region, and in line with the requirements of the national economy and the needs of the labor market for qualified manpower.

In this context, the sector focuses, through open training offers, on priority sectors, including hotel and catering, tourism, construction and public works, agriculture, information technology, digitization and communications, electricity and electronics, as well as management and management techniques.

For reference, the sector has included new specializations in the educational program, in anticipation of this entry, among which is the specialization “Operator in a seawater desalination plant.”

It is noteworthy that the registration period has been extended until tomorrow, Sunday, to enable training seekers to register to join the vocational training seats.

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