“Moroccan bribery scandal”: Rabat offers gifts and vacations worth 100,000 euros – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

New confessions about what is known as the Moroccan bribery scandal (Maroc-Gate), at the level of the European Union, revealed that Morocco provided gifts and vacations amounting to 100,000 euros as bribes to European representatives in exchange for electoral support at the level of the European Parliament.

In this context, the Italian newspaper Elvato Quotidaiano, quoting investigators from the Belgian intelligence services assigned to investigate the bribery case in the European Parliament, indicated that “the group accused of establishing a corrupt regime at the level of the European Parliament in Brussels is also working to obtain votes.” in favor of Morocco.

The report of the same security interests confirmed that “the group of European representatives involved in the case – they were active – in return for electoral support supervised by the Moroccan authorities and significant sums of money provided in cash from under the table.”

The investigators added that the former deputy, Antonio Panzieri, the current deputy, Andrea Cozzolino, and their advisor, Francisco Giorgi, worked for the benefit of the General Directorate of Studies and Documentation, that is, the Moroccan intelligence services, in exchange for sums of money, with the aim of influencing the decisions of the European Parliament in favor of Morocco, especially on the issue of Western Sahara.

The same Belgian investigators also revealed in the report that the group had acted “in complete secrecy, avoiding appearing pro-Moroccan, using coded speech and hiding money in apartments.”

The same source added that the Belgian extradition note against Maria Dolores Collione and Silvia Panziri, respectively, the wife and daughter of Panziri, refers to Abd al-Rahim Othmoun, the Moroccan ambassador to Poland, who presented “gifts”, which Ms. Panziri may have benefited from, as those documents confirm that they amount to vacations. to 100,000 euros.

It should be noted that Mr. Othmoun was the head of the joint parliamentary committee between Morocco and the European Union in charge of the economy, bilateral relations, human rights and combating terrorism, and here began cooperation with Panziri, who was a European deputy and head of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, and also a member of the Relations Committee With the Maghreb region and the Arab Maghreb Union.

The Pegasus program has been used as an armed arm to blackmail Europe and the rest of the world

The Italian newspaper also linked the “Moroccan bribery scandal” to the Pegasus spying scandal, noting that behind Morocco’s recent involvement is the “Euro-Mediterranean agreement” between the European Union and Morocco.

In this regard, the same media daily explained that the “European scandal” revealed some of the practices used by Moroccan intelligence services to “persuade” and “influence some European deputies by using Pegasus, the spying program developed by the Zionist group “NSO”.

For his part, the Sahrawi activist, Mohamed Dihani, told the Italian newspaper “Il Messagero” that “the Pegasus spy program was used as an armed arm of the Moroccan intelligence services in order to blackmail Europe and the rest of the world.”

Elvato Quotidiano newspaper also indicated that the European MP Cozzolino, one of the parties to the scandal – even if he has not yet been formally charged – was a member of the parliamentary investigation committee of the Zionist spy program.

Sophie Entavald, rapporteur of the European Commission of Inquiry on the use of Pegasus and similar spying and surveillance programs (PEGA), said in an interview with the daily “El Domani” that the Vice-President of the European Parliament, Eva Kayley, accused in the framework of this scandal, had tried to disrupt The investigation of Pegasus during the wiretapping scandal in Greece.

And the Greek parliamentarian, who lost her position as vice president, is still in temporary detention.

The Chamber of the Council of Europe in Brussels, before which the Socialist deputy appeared eleven days after her imprisonment, had rejected last Thursday the request to place her under surveillance with an electronic bracelet and “extended the period of temporary detention by a full month,” according to what the Federal Prosecutor announced in a statement.

Eva Kayley is one of a group of four defendants who were imprisoned after being convicted of “belonging to a criminal organization”, “money laundering” and “corruption”.

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