Moroccans continue to reject normalization… The Makhzen is drowning in the quagmire of standing against the will of the people – Al-Hiwar Algeria

The Moroccan people, through their living forces, continue to express their rejection of normalization with the occupying Zionist entity, which threatens the kingdom’s security, sovereignty, independence of its decision and the unity of its social fabric. It also masters the plundering of its wealth, calling on the Makhzen to “repent” of this sin and cancel all treacherous normalization agreements.
In the context, the Moroccan Association for the Support of the Nation’s Causes condemned “the Moroccan regime’s insistence, clearly and blatantly, on diving into the quagmire of normalization with the usurper Zionist entity, against the will of the Moroccan people and its living forces, against its religion, Arabism, history, belonging, and the blood of its martyrs” and also against “all international conventions and values.” Humanity advocating justice, freedom, the right of the Palestinian people to their independence, the restoration of their lands, and their right to return.
In this context, the Commission denounced “the successive calls that the Makhzen directs through its official, empty institutions, to war criminals and child killers.” It also denounced the “intense normalization agreements that it concludes with it in a frantic race and incomprehensible haste.”
In this regard, she said: “The Makhzen is happy to receive them and opens its arms to them after opening its heart and the wheels of the state and its apparatus to them wide,” referring to the free provocative invitation, which the Moroccan authorities made in a precedent that is the first of its kind in the history of normalization of the so-called “Zionist Knesset Speaker,” and His reception in the Kingdom, despite the popular rejection.
The most dangerous thing, she added, is that this ill-fated visit “comes on the day the Zionist entity celebrates its alleged independence day, which is the anniversary of the setback,” pointing to the message he is trying to promote through this visit, that the Moroccan people, through their elected representatives, welcome and accept normalization.
Incidentally, the same body condemned the establishment of the suspicious Parliamentary Friendship Committee with the Zionist entity, calling on all Moroccan parties participating in it to immediately withdraw from it, as well as all visits by Zionist officials and all forms of normalization.
And she emphasized that all Moroccans, with all their components, “reject normalization in all its forms, facades, and justifications,” blaming the Moroccan parliament for the full religious, national, and historical responsibility for enabling normalization,” noting that “this institution does not represent the Moroccan people, who boycotted its elections by 80%, to be A tailor-made parliament endorses the policies of the Makhzen and legitimizes its crimes against the people, including the sin of normalization.
The Moroccan Commission called on all the free members of the Moroccan parliament from various parties, freelancers, and advisors to isolate and expose the typists, and to remedy what can be remedied after the Makhzen implicated them in a step with uncalculated consequences and results. It also called for the removal of the “criminalization of normalization” law from the corridors of Parliament and the General Secretariat of the Government.
And the opponents of normalization in Morocco had organized, last Wednesday, protests in front of Parliament in the capital, Rabat, to reject the usurpation of the Kingdom’s land by the Zionists and to denounce the Makhzen’s transgression of all red lines in its relationship with the occupying entity, in light of the conclusion of a military alliance and the signing of security agreements that threaten the security of the entire Maghreb region.
The Moroccan Front for Supporting Palestine and Against Normalization, which includes dozens of anti-normalization organizations, associations and parties, denounced “the betrayal of the Makhzen regime to the Palestinian cause and the constants of the Moroccan people,” considering the reception of the enemies of the Arab and Islamic nation as a dangerous provocation to the Moroccan people, who reject any relationship with the Zionists. And she stressed that the matter is no longer only related to normalization, but rather has gone beyond it to the circle of penetration and opened the doors of Morocco wide to the Zionist entity.

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