Moulouji: Classifying Rai is a victory for the Algerian cultural and artistic scene – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The Minister of Culture and Arts, Souria Moulouji, said that recording the song “Rai” as an intangible Algerian cultural heritage for humanity is a victory for the Algerian cultural and artistic scene.

And the minister said in a video statement posted on the official page of the ministry on Facebook: On the 1st of December of the year 2022, Algeria deservedly and deservedly achieved a global cultural gain after the approval of the “UNESCO” committee to register the song “Rai” as an Algerian intangible cultural heritage for humanity, and with this classification it is killing. Algeria is a decisive testimony to the world’s recognition of this cultural musical genre, and confirms its undisputed Algerian authenticity. With its nobility, poetry and musical diversity, it is a message of love and peace for all humanity.

Following this well-deserved victory for Algeria with global recognition for the originality of the song “Algerian Rai”, the Minister of Culture and Arts, Suria Moulouji, expresses her happiness as she presents this victory to the Algerian cultural and artistic scene. And deserved, and stresses that Algeria, while it is nobly engaged in the efforts of “UNESCO” to preserve the human cultural heritage, will continue its struggle to achieve more cultural victories nationally and internationally.

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