Mourad: Ain Guezzam will be an important pivot towards the African depth – the Algerian dialogue

The Minister of the Interior, Local Communities and Urban Planning, Brahim Mourad, announced today, Thursday, that the young wilaya of Ain Guezzam will be an important axis towards the African depth, which requires work to promote its development and work to bring about an economic dynamism in it.
On the sidelines of the work and inspection visit that he embarked on to this state in the far south of the country, the minister said, “We are today in the state of Ain Guezzam, in the farthest region in the far south of Algeria, under the directives of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, and it is the border area that is of great importance, and he is betting on it to be a hub.” important towards the African depth. Pointing out that it is the fourth state that he visits among the ten new states, with the aim of following up the development issue in the field.

Murad stressed, on the occasion, that there is accompaniment to the new mandates, highlighting in the same context the need to overcome difficulties, especially those related to aspects related to the human resource. Stressing at the same time the importance of taking care of the various problems that afflict the citizen, and working to create an economic dynamism to exploit the wealth in this region.

When he listened to a comprehensive presentation on the first part of the project to protect the city of Ain Guezzam from floods, Murad stressed that the aim of this project is to protect citizens and property in this region from this type of natural disaster. In the same context, he highlighted the importance of preparing a comprehensive study on the protection of urbanization and taking into account the factors that ensure the protection of the entire city from floods.

It includes the first part of the project to protect Ain Guezzam from floods, with which the works were completely completed and required a financial cost of more than 365 million DZD. Constructing a channel to drain rainwater over a distance of 3,000 linear meters. The project was also supported by the completion of four (4) barriers to slow down the flow of water and collect it.

This project aims to direct rainwater outside the urban perimeter of the city of Ain Guezzam, and to preserve the lives of people and property, as well as the infrastructure.

He gave the Minister a presentation on the study and realization of a technical facility to connect the entrances to the city at the level of National Road No. 1 (1), and another presentation on the study and realization of a project to bring water from the Tanzoft region (Borj Badji Mokhtar wilaya) towards the city of Tin Zouatine, passing through the village of Tondart at a distance of 264 km. For the benefit of more than 20,000 residents.

This project will contribute to ensuring the needs of the region’s residents to the horizons of the year 2050, and it will be supported by four (4) pumping stations.

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