Mourad: Do not hate the expatriates in their homeland.. Encourage them to return – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

The Minister of Interior and Local Communities, Ibrahim Murad, affirmed that the sector took all necessary and proactive measures to improve the conditions for receiving members of the national community abroad during the summer season, especially at the level of airports, ports and border crossings, calling on all those involved to ensure good reception conditions by saying, “Do not hate members of the community in their country and encouraged them to return.”

Today, Monday, during the “First Forum,” Ibrahim Murad said that he had encountered a number of shortcomings during his recent visits to Algiers International Airport and the port of Algiers, including the failure to exploit significant areas and many windows to improve the conduct of passenger traffic, and promised facilities at airports and ports to receive a large number of arrivals, especially From the Algerian community abroad, in implementation of the instructions of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, who, in his outings and meetings with the community, stresses the need for full and good care of them in order to preserve communication with their homeland. In the context, Murad referred to the simplification of procedures and the allocation of the green corridor for the disabled, children and people with special needs. Mobile teams were also allocated on ships to facilitate the exit of passengers from the ports and reduce waiting hours for them and for those who receive them.

The minister talked about strengthening the border police, customs and the management company, and working to intensify the facilities between all the intervening parties, airport, ports and border crossings, and all precautions were taken to run the summer season and take care of all points in terms of managing the movement of travelers and places for recreation and vacationers, stressing that the beaches are free by saying “The beach is for all vacationers, and no one affects public tranquility, and we will be strict against anyone who tempts himself to act against this by applying the legal standard.” While he talked about a capacity of half a million beds at the hotel level, which will be supported by the entry of a number of hotel establishments into service, in addition to youth camping spaces.

The minister emphasized that the framework instruction related to the summer season includes preoccupation with the cleanliness of rest and recreation spaces, stressing the need to remove negative phenomena and improve conditions on the coastal strip and within cities, which is not easy, according to the minister, but there is a trend to achieve it.

6 water launchers will enter the testing phase soon

Regarding the proactive measures to reduce forest fires and avoid a recurrence of the 2022 scenario, Ibrahim Murad stressed the readiness of 6 water bombers that Algeria recently acquired and will enter the testing phase during these days to ensure immediate and effective intervention to limit the spread of fires, in addition to strengthening the human element with a number of 15 thousand civil protection agents. And 65 mobile convoys are located in forests, especially in places most vulnerable to fires. The reinforcement of the convoy, which is equipped with all means of rapid and effective intervention, is supported by aircraft, for which 10 airstrips have been allocated in several states, especially the coastal ones, and places for supplying water to aircraft have been completed with ease.

This is new municipal and state law

Ibrahim Murad revealed a number of axes carried by the draft municipal and state law that exists at the government level, which he sees as a new law and not just an amendment to what it carries of municipal powers and the protection of the elected and members of the Municipal People’s Assembly, in addition to the creation of new bodies such as an agency for development at the level of each municipality. And ensuring the presence of a representative of the municipality in every neighborhood so that they are not forgotten places.

The minister emphasized the state’s keenness to recover all its illegally looted properties, and said, “We are keen that every property attacker will take his penalty, and the punishment will go to the maximum degree to preserve the state’s public property,” referring to the private resort to constructing residential complexes and neighborhoods on the lands State,” and he inferred what happened in Mila after the floods, especially in Tagnant, where huge buildings were built in a random manner on the banks of valleys, and it is natural for disasters to occur. On the other hand, the minister threatened neighborhood gangs and drug dealers who take advantage of the lack of security coverage in large residential complexes

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