Murad on the matter of 2022…. Algeria is ready to receive sports delegations – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The Minister of the Interior, Local Communities and Urban Planning, Brahim Mourad, affirmed today, Saturday, that Algeria is ready to receive the sports delegations participating in the African Championship for local players (CHAN-2022) from January 13 to February 4, by underlining a security plan that guarantees security and protection. For everyone.

During the visit of his leaders to the Follow-up and Control Center of the General Directorate of National Security, the minister was briefed on the pace of preparations for securing the African Championship for local players, noting that Algeria “is ready to host this prominent African event and is ready through the ability of the national security elements to diligently follow up to provide security.” And protection for all sports delegations and guests through transit and accommodation routes and at the level of stadiums.

The minister added, “Similar to the major events organized by Algeria recently, such as the Mediterranean Games and the Arab Summit, we are assured of the readiness of the national security services and their ability to assume responsibility in order for the next African championship to be at the high level that we hope to reach.”

For his part, the Director of Public Security, Senior Superintendent of Police, Daoud Muhannad Al-Sharif, reviewed the organizational chart drawn up by the General Directorate of National Security to secure the “CHAN-2022” competition, referring to the experience gained by the National Security personnel in the various demonstrations that Algeria hosted during the past year.

He added that the national security interests “initiated security measures at the border level, based on the installation of joint cells for follow-up and coordination at the level of the concerned airports, where instructions were given to facilitate transit by simplifying the process of granting visas and prompt processing of luggage and accompanying equipment.”

And the national security interests will work across the states concerned with the African sporting event – ​​according to the same official – to “strengthen protection and security schemes across the concerned airports by strengthening police formations and taking all necessary measures.”

With regard to managing traffic at the level of axes, training centers and hotels, Mr. Daoud Muhannad Al-Sharif explained that the flow of supporters will be directed at the level of stadiums or around shelter sites, in addition to using helicopters to direct the formations operating in the field and to enter a constellation of motorcycles through the various axes.

The command and control center of the General Directorate of National Security – according to the same spokesman – will play a “pivotal role” in the process of general monitoring of the various sites concerned with this sporting event, as it is a “basic device” for monitoring and following up the events taking place across the various stadiums.

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