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The National Gendarmerie announced the closure of national and state roads due to snowfall and heavy rain in a number of states.
The Media Cell of the National Gendarmerie announced, on its “My Way” page, the closed roads due to the falling snow and heavy rains in a number of northern states in the country.

Some of these closed roads due to snow or rain:

1- National Road No. 15 between the states of Bouira and Tizi Ouzou, in the region of Faj Tirourda, municipality of Ifrhounen, exactly.

2- State Road No. 253 between the states of Bejaia and Tizi Ouzou, exactly in Faj Shallata, municipality of Ifrhounan.

3- National Road No. 30 in Nizi Nkolan area, Ibbdrarn municipality.

4- National Road No. 33 in the Asoul region, Ait Boumhdi municipality.

5- National Road No. 15 between the municipalities of Aghbalou-Bouira and Ifarhounen (Tizi Ouzou), exactly at the level of Col Tirouda district, Aghbalou municipality.

6- National Road No. 30 between the states of Bouira and Tizi Ouzou, exactly at the level of the Tizi Nkolan region, the municipality of Saharij.

7- National Road No. 33 between the municipalities of Bouira and Wasif (Tizi Ouzou), exactly at the level of the Tikjda region and Tirouda, the municipality of idols.

8- State Road No. 135 A in the state of Jijel between the two towns of Boussif, Awlad Asker and Jijel, and Benan is sponsored by the state of Mila.

9- Road No. 135 B between the two municipalities of Boussif Awlad Askar and al-Shinna, and No. 142 between the municipalities of al-Shinna, the state of “Jijel” and Tessala, in the province of Mila.

10- State Road No. 137A between the municipalities of Salma bin Ziada and Taxna.

11- Road No. 137 B between the municipalities of Salma, Bin Ziada and Iraqen Al Souissi.

12- Road No. 137 between the municipalities of Salma, Bin Ziyadah and Al-Awana, and between the municipalities of Iraqen Suisi, Salma bin Ziyadah and Ziama Mansouriya.

13- The municipal road is unnumbered between the two towns of Awlad Rabih “Jijel”, and Benan is sponsored by the wilaya of Mila.

14- National Road No. 26A between the governorates of Bouira and Tizi Ouzou, exactly at the level of a village cleared by the municipality of Shalata.

There are other closed roads due to snow, which were monitored by the public works services at the level of the state of Bouira

15- National Road No. 30 in Faj Tizi-Nquillal, in the municipality of Saharij. .

16- National Road No. 15 in Faj Tirwarda, Aghbalo municipality. .

17- National Road No. 33, municipalities of Bouira, Taghazout, Haizer, Al-Asnam, Bashloul, Ajiba and Saharij. .

18- National Road No. 25, Al-Barda area, Ain Bassam and Jabahiya municipalities.

19- National Road No. 08, Deira Municipality.

20- National Road No. 62, Al-Dashmiyeh Municipality.

21- State Road No. 48, Befas District, Qadriya Municipality.

22- State Road No. 23, the municipalities of Jabahiya and Al-Maqrani.

23- State Road No. 06, Tizi-Oujaaboub region, Ait El-Aziz municipality.

24- State Road No. 93, the municipalities of Maala, Al-Zabar and Qoruma.

25- State Road No. 01, the municipalities of Maala and Zubair.

26- State Road No. 17, Al-Babour District, Grumah Municipality.

27- State Road No. 11, Awlad Rashid Municipality.

28- State Road No. 24, Ahl al-Qasr Municipality.

The public works departments in Bouira state that the snow removal process is under way, and it is the same process that is taking place in areas that have known the closure of roads due to water or snow, and various interests are involved in loosening the screws, including units of the National People’s Army.

The falling snow caused the closure of State Road No. 107, which links the municipality of Nasiriyah and Tamzrit in Boumerdes.

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