New housing distribution “Adl” Annaba

In implementation of the directives of the Minister of Housing, Urban and the city that he assumed during his technical meeting held on July 11, 2023, which was devoted to two axes – preparation for the distribution process in the next November 1 – the sale of shops in the various adjustments E modified, Faisal Zaitouni, in Annaba.

The Director General started his visit, in which he was accompanied by the Central Director of Operations in the Directorate General, by holding a technical coordination meeting with the commercial interests of the regional agency, Annaba Justice, studies offices and representatives of achievement institutions.

The Director General, after listening to a detailed presentation by the regional director of the Annaba Justice Agency on the process of selling shops and settling contracts, called for more coordination with the actors in order to address this file in its various aspects. Ahras, Guelma, Annaba.

Mr. Zitouni called for more coordination in order to achieve the desired goals, with the need to underline a road sheet that guarantees the completion of the works within the agreed deadlines, and confirmed that he will have a field follow-up to find out the details of the various workshops that face obstacles in the works.

The Director General indicated that the field work and field visits during these days and the coming months are the ones that guarantee positive results for the expected distribution process on the 1st of November, indicating that this field visit will include other regional directorates and he will hold meetings with various actors during the coming days.

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