Opening the forest field for private investment soon – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The Director General of Forests, Jamal Tawaria, revealed today, Thursday, that the new forest protection law opens the forest field for investment to all segments of society through the right to exploit forests, which will be subject to a vote next week.

Touahriyeh said in the “Sabah Guest” program for Radio One, that the forest protection law, which includes 164 articles, presents a new approach to exploiting forests in order to develop the Algerian forest and activate the citizen in the context of forest development, as it provides for enabling those interested to invest in forest space and exploit Woody, non-woody and aromatic materials for the purpose of valuation of forest resources. It will also allow the lease of forest spaces, with priority given to residents of mountainous areas and those adjacent to forests.

The source revealed a new study of the forest system that includes the establishment of recreational forests by preparing them by investors, focusing on preparing a book of conditions for each forest, according to the specificity of each one, which will benefit the public treasury and citizens. And investment will be opened to private individuals after the issuance of application texts that define the exploitation and construction formulas, indicating that exploitation and building licenses will be granted, in a manner that allows taking into account the environmental aspect and fortifying forests against any deterioration, while violators and those involved in any attack on forests will be subject to penalties, appreciating incubator projects around Precautions for fires and ways to curb them, which will reduce the number of fires and deal quickly with any emergency.

With regard to firefighting, Touahria revealed an ongoing plan with the Center for Industrial Technologies of the Ministry of Higher Education, to embody the experience of large “drones” equipped with information applications that are 100 percent Algerian, starting from 2023. His interests also prepared a series of measures to contain fires in a very fast way across 43 thousand kilometers. From the forest paths nationally, in addition to implementing a preventive strategy in coordination with the People’s National Army, the National Gendarmerie and the Civil Protection, based on mobilizing all human and material means for rapid intervention and extinguishing fires in the event of their outbreak, through the formation of mobile teams composed of various sectors. He stressed that citizens should be informed of the appropriate methods In dealing with fires, in conjunction with efforts to prepare a weather forecast for forests in coordination with the National Office of Meteorology.

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