Organizing a national meeting, 23-24 December, in the presence of all the sports forces – Al-Hiwar Algeria

In the same context, Minister Sabkak revealed the organization of a national meeting that will be organized by youth and sports on December 23-24, which will be hosted by the International Convention Center, attended by all actors in the sports sector from 58 states, or approximately 1,500 participants, including representatives of civil society, experts, And the university family, and the contributors to workshops that aim to formulate the philosophy of the youth and sports sector, as well as the concerns of youth in Algeria with the participation of all concerned parties, and that this sporting event will give, as he said, a new impetus and direction, noting that the same speaker adds Article 73 of the Constitution 2020, which imposes the obligation of a law Youth specific.

Nasira Saidali

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