Pictures.. A delegation from the Legal Affairs Committee on a media visit to the headquarters of the Constitutional Court – Al-Hiwar Algeria

Today, Monday, a delegation from the Legal and Administrative Affairs and Freedoms Committee, headed by Zuhair Khiladi, the head of the committee, made a media visit to the Constitutional Court. A number of its members were receiving the delegation upon its arrival.

After welcoming him, the members of the delegation listened to an intervention delivered by court member Ammar Boudiaf, in which he dealt with the multiple functional relationship between the Constitutional Court and Parliament, especially in the context of monitoring the constitutionality of laws and defending unconstitutionality. On the other hand, Boudiaf affirmed the Constitutional Court’s readiness to participate in organizing days And seminars to introduce the role of the Constitutional Court and its functional relationship to various state institutions.

During the discussion, the deputies praised the relations of cooperation, coordination and consultation between the two institutions. They also raised a number of concerns, the most prominent of which revolved around the issues of parliamentary immunity, and the many references to regulatory texts in draft laws.

After that, the delegation, accompanied by the members and staff of the court, toured the various spaces of the court, such as the deliberations hall, the session hall, the library, and the Constitutional Judiciary Museum, and listened to detailed explanations about the modalities of the work and functioning of the Constitutional Court.

During the delegation’s meeting with Omar Belhaj, the President of the Constitutional Court, the President of the Court discussed with the head of the delegation the great role that Parliament plays in raising the citizen’s concerns and devoting the principles of democratic governance, the state and the law, and the price of this visit, which falls within an effort to strengthen relations of cooperation and consultation between state institutions.

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