Pictures.. Algeria’s unanimous election to the post of Vice President of the International Grains Council – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

Algeria won the position of Vice-President of the International Grains Council (CIC) unanimously, and with the blessing of all countries, following the elections organized on Wednesday in London on the sidelines of the Council’s fifty-eighth session of the activities of the Global Forum of the International Grains Council held in the British capital, London, on June 12 and 13. 2023, and this is in the presence of the Chief of Staff representing the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, accompanied by the Director General of the Algerian Professional Office for Grains and the representative of the Algerian Embassy in London, where Algeria was unanimously elected for the 2023-24 period, which Algeria has been absent from for more than 20 years.

It is worth noting that this victory is due to the important role now at the international level for the new Algeria “under the wise leadership of the President of the Republic, and with the testimony of the members of the Council. Universal grain and its effectiveness.

Contribute to work towards achieving food security for member states and expanding consultations between exporting and importing countries.

It should also be noted that Algeria was re-elected in 2023 as a member of the Administrative Committee of the Council, one of the three administrative structures of this intergovernmental organization, along with the Budget Committee and the Market Conditions Committee.

As a reminder, the objectives of the International Grain Council are to promote international cooperation in the field of grain trade, open up fairly in the field of grain and contribute to the stability of the grain market and the improvement of world food security.

In this context, the Council also supervises the implementation of the Grain Trade Agreement of 1995, and monitors developments in the grain market, national grain policies and their repercussions on the global market.

And by the way, and in light of the election results, the presidency will return to the United States of America for a year, and the presidency will be transferred to Algeria immediately after that.

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