Pictures.. Bengrina receives the Secretary-General of the Ennahda movement

The head of the National Building Movement, Abdelkader Bengrina, received at the movement’s headquarters in the municipality of Draria, Algiers, the Secretary General of the Ennahda Movement, Mohamed Dhouibi.

The head of the movement was accompanied by Al-Saeed Nafisi, deputy head of the movement, Dr. Masoud Yakhlef, deputy head of the National Shura Council, and Haj Ismail, secretary of the national office and head of the office of the head of the movement.

The Secretary-General of the Ennahda movement was accompanied by Rabeh Mahmoudi, the organization official, Abbas Sirah, the political advisor, Engineer Mohamed Boukaraa, the finance and equipment officer, Rashid Qatloun, the relations officer, and Hafeet Bagdali, the media officer.

The meeting dealt with exchanging views on developments in the national political arena and prospects for cooperation in order to serve the country and achieve the aspirations of citizens in light of stability and strengthening the home front in the face of potential dangers.

There was agreement in many issues of common concern, as the two delegations were keen to continue cooperation and coordination in all that was agreed upon.

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