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President of the National People’s Assembly, Ibrahim Bogali, received today a parliamentary delegation from the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, led by Nguyen Duc Hai, Vice-Chairman of the National Assembly.

During the meeting, Boghali reviewed the reality of bilateral relations steeped in history and stressed the need to exploit common denominators to consolidate cooperation at various levels, starting with the parliamentary side. The Speaker of the Council clarified that economic cooperation is still modest and said that the investment law would provide opportunities to create new dynamism, especially in the fields of agriculture and tourism. In addition to culture and higher education.

Boghali expressed his satisfaction with the similarity of views between the two countries regarding several files on the international scene, and reminded Algeria of efforts to defend just causes, similar to the Palestinian and Sahrawi issues. In the same context, he denounced double standards in dealing with crises in the world.

Nguyen Duc Hai made it clear that his visit is an event to revive the 60 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries, adding that the two countries are called upon to raise challenges to enhance their cooperation on the parliamentary, economic and cultural levels.

Nguyen Duc Hai expressed his satisfaction with the future of energy cooperation and expressed his hope to develop relations between the standing committees of the two countries’ councils, as well as to benefit from Algeria’s experience in digitizing parliamentary work, in addition to other aspects of cooperation.

Nguyen Duc Hai conveyed to the President of the Council the greetings of his counterpart, the President of the National Council, and invited him to visit the Republic of Vietnam.

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