Pictures.. Murad on a field visit in the Algerian state of Ain Guezzam – Al-Hiwar

proceeded today is Thursday, The Minister of the Interior, Local Communities and Urban Planning, Ibrahim Mourad, is on a working visit and inspects the wilaya of Ain Guezzam.

The visit program includes a preview of many development projects in this border state, where the minister will stand at the project to protect the state from floods, and the project to bring water from the Titzroft area in the state of Bordj Badji Mukhtar to Tin Zawatine at a distance of 264 km.

It is expected that Ibrahim Murad will inspect the project for the rehabilitation of the old mixed border post, and the project for the completion of the last part of National Road No. 01 along 07 km, starting from the 0 km point between Algeria and Niger.

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