President of the Regional Chamber of Notaries in the Middle District: “More than a million notarial contracts are concluded annually.” Algerian Dialogue

Today, June 17, 2023, the Regional Chamber of Notaries of the Middle District organized a national forum under the title, “The Electronic Documentary Contract and Prospects of Digital Management”, at the Higher School of Hospitality (Ain El-Benyan).

On this occasion, the head of the Regional Chamber of Notaries of the Central District, Najim Raqani, revealed, “The Regional Chamber of Notaries of the Central District organized the forum for its great importance and lofty goals.”

The choice of this particular time came in implementation of the directives of the Minister of Justice, Keeper of Seals. In order to face various challenges. imposed by the changes taking place in the world in various fields. And what it takes to respond to the international standards and standards that must be available in the public service.

The same spokesman added, “Through 3,300 notaries distributed across the entire national country, work is required to digitize the management of this vital important facility, by providing the legal framework that allows for this.”

In addition, mechanisms and means of digitization have been provided by all partners in this field, in order to reach the possibility of concluding electronic notarial contracts that will further strengthen the legal system.

In the same context, the same speaker praised the main role of the notary while performing his duties and mission in life, by accompanying contractors from citizens, economic dealers, and others, and various active companies, through the duty of advising and providing expertise and consultation in the various contracts and transactions that are concluded daily, which, according to him, reach more than One million notarial contracts concluded annually.
He also noted that these official contracts that provide legal security are the strongest means of proof in the legal system, which guarantees their implementation by providing safety, stability and permanence.

The organization of this forum falls within the framework of consecrating the government’s work programme. The aim is to digitize the administration in order to control the activity and to provide the best services to citizens.

It is noteworthy that the forum witnessed the participation of various actors in the legal and contractual field, as well as the various public and ministerial authorities, directly concerned with the digitization of the public utility in Algeria.

It also resulted in a set of recommendations that will be submitted to the competent public authorities, to be embodied on the ground, in order to develop the means of the notary profession and transfer it to a new stage towards “digital management”.

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