President Tebboune: I do not think about a second term, and the rule belongs to the people

The President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, said that he had never considered running for a second term, and that it was too early to talk about that, but he stressed that the judgment on his term rests with the citizen and the people in general.

And the President of the Republic responded, today, Thursday, during the periodic media meeting with representatives of the national press, to a question about the spread of talk about his candidacy for a second presidential term, by saying, “I have no answer and I do not think about that … We are in half of the term. The important thing is that I have two years left to fulfill all my obligations and Governance for the people.”

The president refused to evaluate the past of his presidential term and left it up to the citizen to build on all of the pledges and written commitments he achieved, which are 54 written commitments and not just oral promises, as was the electoral tradition, as he put it, and the citizen can return to these commitments to make sure of what has been achieved. In the context, President Abdelmadjid Tebboune said that the year 2023 will witness the consolidation and consolidation of the achievements that have been achieved in recent years, expressing his complete dissatisfaction with what has been embodied, and he said, “I am not 100 percent satisfied with what has been embodied so far, as we could have achieved more than that”.

On the other hand, President Tebboune stressed the achievement of changes and that he aspires to more than that, and he said, “There are changes and we aspire to more than that, because the new Algeria is not only related to the President of the Republic or changing some people or governments, but rather is related to changing mentalities so that they are more consistent with the idea of ​​building “It compensated for the negatives that characterized Algeria for several decades.”

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