President Tebboune signs the self-contractor law – the Algerian dialogue

The President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, signed today, Sunday, the self-contractor law initiated by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, start-ups and micro-enterprises, As well as the law complementing the order that includes the general basic law of the public service, and this after their approval by Parliament in its two chambers.

According to a statement by the Ministry in charge of Small Enterprises, Emerging Enterprises and the Knowledge Economy, the self-entrepreneur law aims to regulate the new economic activities that have emerged with the emergence of the knowledge economy and the digital economy, and which are not subject to any legal framework to this day, in addition to liberating the entrepreneurial spirit and facilitating youth access to The labor market through self-employment, in order to ensure social coverage for the largest possible number of individuals who are active in the parallel market and their integration into the formal sector.

On the other hand, this law provides an opportunity for start-up companies to reduce their burdens and enable them to seek the help of independent dealers, and to jointly exploit human resources among many companies. On another level, the self-entrepreneur law is an appropriate legal formula for the export of some digital services, such as the development of web and mobile applications, online marketing, management of social media platforms and infographics, especially in the context of the new regulations issued by the Bank of Algeria regarding the authorization to transfer all revenues. Exporting digital services from hard currency to the homeland.

In this regard, the law includes conditions for obtaining the status of a self-contractor, such as reaching working age, Algerian nationality, and residency in Algeria. A national registry for the self-contractor will also be established, and a public institution charged with maintaining the national registry for the self-contractor to issue the self-contractor card and monitor the activities that fall under this law.

This law – adds the statement – which has proven its effectiveness in many countries of the world by regulating many emerging unstructured professions and activities, will include many privileges such as simplified account-keeping, exemption from registration in the commercial register, in addition to its availability for a preferential tax system, and the provision of social coverage. and the possibility of opening a commercial bank account.

The President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, also signed the law complementing the order that includes the general basic law for the public service, consecrating the right to benefit from a holiday to establish an institution for employees or administrative contractors, which was initiated by the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security.

The entry into force of these two laws would encourage Algerian competencies to engage in entrepreneurship and contribute to the country’s economic development.

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