President Tebboune stresses the tone regarding the delay in providing some products and the continuation of some practices – the Algerian dialogue

The President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, who was able to bring about change in Algeria within three years despite some “unexpected matters”, clearly shows that he will have to take “strict” measures to put an end to the “culture of inaction” that hinders the implementation of some of the measures taken.

The President of the Republic, who embarked on a real race against time and who is aware of what is going on, is fully aware that other “remedies” impose themselves in order to eliminate this malignant tumor known as “bureaucracy.”

Therefore, yesterday’s cabinet statement must be “analysed”, but rather read “between the lines”. Yes, a headline like “The President’s Anger” clearly fits the content of the statement.

The president is really angry and dissatisfied with the pace of the government’s handling of many files, as the “long” deadlines, “approximate” (inaccurate) numbers, and decisions that cause disruption and confusion in the diaries of citizens and economic dealers have angered the president.

When the President of the Republic talks about the prestige of the state, some understand “authoritarianism.” And when he stresses the protection of the national product, some understand “protectionism.” The President of the Republic never “ordered” the demolition of illegal buildings, but rather that the necessary measures be taken so that this does not happen again in the future. It is in a prior capacity and not after the completion of the building and residence in it.

The President of the Republic is working for an Algeria that is open to the world and not for a closed country. He never ordered a ban on imports, because there is no self-sufficiency in any country in the world.

Imports are necessary and the President of the Republic ordered an end to chaos, meaning that there is no import of materials that the citizen does not need.

The President of the Republic imposed a purge of the sector to put an end to the phenomenon of inflated bills, which is a source of smuggling significant amounts of hard currency estimated at billions of dollars.

The process of purging the importers’ file allowed the detection and removal of a significant number of importers concerned with this phenomenon, as their number decreased from 43,000 importers to 14,096 registered in the commercial register.

The citizen is a red line and his well-being is a priority, as the entire work of the President of the Republic aims to highlight a fundamental matter that the Algerians who elected him on December 12, 2019 do not want to return to the practices of the past, nor to authoritarianism or protectionism, nor to the meanness and disastrous manifestations of a country that was closed and in the grip of some. Dangerous bureaucrats.

Algeria in 2020 is radically different, on the right track and led by a president who has won the appreciation of all segments of society. The President of the Republic follows his “strong convictions,” his “54 commitments,” and the desires of a people looking forward to the future. His only desire is to make Algerians proud and happy in a strong Algeria keeping pace with developments in the world.

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