Producers: Facilitating procedures for entering foreign markets is a necessity – Al-Hiwar Algeria

A group of emerging, medium and large economic companies that are active in the Algerian economic arena, in their statement to Al-Hiwar, call on the Ministry of Trade and Export Promotion to intensify measures that will facilitate the export process to global markets, calling on the concerned authorities to expedite the importance of opening bank branches for public banks in Algeria. Europe and Africa, as well as extending the transportation network towards the south of Algeria to facilitate our entry to our neighbors on the southern border strip.

The road to our great south must be secured

In the same context, the economist Dr. Omar Haroun said in his interview with Al-Hiwar that the trend towards exporting to global markets needs to achieve a strong strategy so that we can acquire foreign consumers, because according to him Algeria has promising economic energy through institutions producing various products. It has strong competitiveness, especially the African market, and making it a market for Algerian products is a necessity and an imperative. We must differentiate between the exchange and barter operations that take place between the local population in these areas, which is considered a local economic activity aimed at organizing the process and avoiding the entry or exit of dangerous or unfit materials, which is a process Purely regulatory, does not affect the national economy in general, but rather the economy of the region. As for the exchange that takes place at the level of institutions and large producers and directing shipments of agricultural or manufactured goods to African countries, this requires – according to Haroun – great capabilities and vigorous accompaniment by the state. Especially at the level of transportation, which is considered the biggest obstacle at this stage, although the state bears half of it in many cases, adding that it remains high, which is what makes the land crossing, he said. A temporary solution and a permanent solution is a railway linking the north of the country with its south, so that the process of delivering goods is fast and inexpensive, at least within the national territory, because the problem that the exporter suffers from will not stop at the Algerian borders only, says the same speaker, but it will reach the borders of other countries that he wants Access to it from neighboring countries.

“Alfas” Foundation: The state must improve the export climate, and the rest is up to us

In the context, Nadir Oufella, the director of the “Alfas” company confirmed in his interview with Al-Hiwar that it specializes in the manufacture of pumps, irrigation equipment and pumps, and it has been present in the national industrial scene for 25 years until now. In order to achieve integration and also to meet all national needs, calling for the need to take harsh measures against those who import equipment and various products produced by Algeria, indicating that his company is heading in the near future to go to export, especially the African and European market, and in order to achieve this process, the Ministry of Trade must And the promotion of exports and all parties involved in the export process Putting in place strict mechanisms to facilitate this process for exporters, through permanent accompaniment to exporting institutions through outsourcing related to the markets of the countries we target, and also the need to organize international forums and exhibitions, as well as the establishment of associations

It is concerned with international export, as well as activating accredited Algerian consulates across sister and friend countries, which can help exporting institutions to discover and know foreign markets.

Bia2 Company: Our destination is overseas market if we find actual escort

For her part, a representative of the “Bia 2” company, Dalila Khair, explained in her interview with “Al-Hiwar” that it specializes in metal frames and other materials, and deals with companies in the public and private sectors in a partnership process, expressing her regret that the large percentage of semi-finished equipment or raw materials comes from the establishment. With it from abroad, knowing that Dalila says we can manufacture it locally, and about the difficulties facing their institution in terms of exporting its materials to the global market, the same speaker said that Algeria is the first in the brown continent and its promising virgin markets, by virtue of part of the African continent and also because of our proximity to those markets, and the spokeswoman confirmed In the name of the “Bia 2” company, Dalila Khair states that as long as there is a political will to diversify the economy, it must be followed by facilities for those wishing to export outside the country through a complete accompaniment so that it can conquer foreign markets, especially the African space.

Zayed Complex: We must move away from the traditional export process

For his part, the Zayed Complex manager, Abdel Aziz Zayed, said in his interview with Al-Hiwar that his company is specialized in the production of mechanical tools, and with the Algerian state’s tendency to encourage the local industry in order to reduce the import bill, and accordingly his authority tends to adopt the state’s strategy in this regard. By opening another branch for the manufacture and conversion of plastic material, pointing out that this industrial model makes the owner of the company think about exporting before everything, because the factory that produces these requirements requires you to produce a large amount that exceeds self-sufficiency, calling for the need to move away from the traditional export mechanisms and go to Modernizing this process, by concluding agreements with foreign partners in all fields, especially in the field of technology, because all countries, as he said, are trying to preserve their local industry, and therefore there must be a partnership with the foreign dealer within the framework of a win-win agreement, which facilitates the process of exporting materials Semi-finished products that we produce locally, and among the factors for the success of the export process, according to him, is the establishment of bank branches abroad and the renewal and development of the banking system, because the trader is not a charitable organization, but rather his goal is to make a profit, and as a factory and trader he adds the same products Event I invite the concerned authorities to allow exporters to transfer foreign currency and sell it at the highest possible price.

My channel company: A new mechanism should be put in place to facilitate the export process

On a similar level, a representative of the “Kanouti” company, Zuhair Boukharouba, said that as an embodiment of the distinguished relations between Algeria and Italy, his body is the sole representative of the Italian company specialized in the manufacture of converted machines “Metal” according to the customer’s request, and seeks to cover the internal market, and that in the near future we will start manufacturing them. Here in Algeria, and it will be exported to the African market as a first interface, and he called on the concerned authorities to facilitate the field of investment, by providing industrial real estate so that we can establish investment projects in the industrial field, calling for the need to provide all facilities that contribute to the promotion of Algeria’s exports to international markets.

Tosyali Algeria: Our goal is to meet the needs of the local market and take over the global markets

In the same context, a member of the board of directors of the Tosyali Algeria Company, Altopoğlu, said in his interview with Al-Hiwar that the Tosyali Algeria Corporation, which specializes in iron and steel production, which settled in Algeria in 2007, and whose factories entered into production in 2013, is striving in full swing to provide All the requirements of its materials are available throughout the Algerian soil, and the same official revealed that the production of the Tosyali Algeria factories produced in 2022 amounted to more than 3 million tons of iron and steel materials, similar to building wires and concrete, to spiral pipes according to international standards, stressing that the goal The first that his organization sought was to meet the needs of local demand as a priority, but due to the health crisis as a result of Covid 19, which led to the cessation of construction activities during that period, which necessitated the company to search for foreign markets pending the revival of the dynamism of the construction sector in Algeria, and he is considered a member The management of Tosali Algeria Alba Oglu, who promises that their factories will pump significant amounts of iron construction materials into the Algerian market in particular, adds the same speaker that his company has achieved a merger rate of more than 90 percent.

The same official explained that the goals of Tosyali Algeria are fully aligned with the goals of the national economy to diversify production and increase the value of non-hydrocarbon exports. In this way, Tosyali Algeria succeeded, according to him, in the process of exporting in 2022 to more than 800 million dollars, which is an infinite number, says Alptopoğlu, as the export process targeted, as he said, several countries in Europe, Africa, America, and even Asia, indicating that the volume of Exports are diversified every year with an increase in global demand according to the economic situation in the industrialized countries.

Steam Company: Opening bank branches in Africa has become inevitable

In the same context, a representative of the STEAM company, Muhammad Nazim, said in his interview with Al-Hiwar that his organization specializes in the production of materials for storage, especially those related to the industrial field, indicating that his company is moving towards the export process, especially to the African space as a first step, and from there to Europe. Because the products of his organization have global characteristics, stressing that the main obstacle that impedes the export process in Algeria is the absence of branches of public banks in the countries targeted in the export process, and that he is awaiting the embodiment of the government project to open public bank offices in Africa, in addition to the importance of expanding the transportation network and linking the north to the south and leading to our neighbors in the border strip.

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