Quraya: Amira Bourawi, descendant of traitors and agents – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

France wants to hit the national arrogance

The head of the Democratic Youth Front for Citizenship, Ahmed Koraya, denounced the intervention of the French authorities in the case of political activist Amira Bouraoui, who is wanted by Algerian justice.

The Front for Democratic Youth for Citizenship criminalized what was done by the French consulate in Tunisia, to which activist Amina Bouraoui sought protection, taking advantage of her French nationality, which was able, at the behest of the same embassy, ​​to enter French territory. The Front for Democratic Youth for Citizenship considered the behavior of the French embassy contrary to international norms.

The same source pointed out that Algeria has been rebuilding itself internally and externally, which has achieved impressive results at all levels, and worked to strengthen its diplomacy, as it was able thus to occupy the forefront in global forums, and its voice is heard in the highest international forums, which angered the spiteful France, which bears hatred. Algeria is waiting for it from every side, and it is trying again and again to enter into every stray and incoming attempt to destabilize the internal front of Algeria, but the solid base and strong foundation that distinguished the Algerian state made it excel and overcome its eternal return to France, the statement adds.

This, Dr. Quraya said based on the same statement that what the traitor to her homeland, Algeria, Amira Bouraoui, did is nothing but a continuation of the march of traitors like her who sold Algeria during the victorious Algerian revolution, stressing that Algeria will remain standing tall in the sky of the world, and its people and government will not kneel except for the one Sunday, and let France realize that Algeria, the land of resistance and martyrs, deserves sacrifice.

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