Quraya: Dr. Saeed Shaiban, the candle that will not be extinguished – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryya

The head of the Democratic Youth Front for Citizenship, Dr. Ahmed Quraya, expressed his deep sorrow following the departure of the fighter, Dr. Saeed Shaiban. Ahmed Quraya said: I am saddened by your departure, O knight of science and knowledge, the fighter in the ranks of the revolutionaries to liberate your homeland from the claws of enemy France.

On this painful occasion, Dr. Ahmed Qouraya, through his party’s statement, condoles the family of the deceased Algeria Dr. Saeed Shayban for their great affliction, on behalf of himself and on behalf of the activists and activists and all the leaders of the Democratic Youth Front for Citizenship.

Your pure body departs from the abode of annihilation to the abode of survival, and the fragrance of your soul that smells of musk remains, O good man, and I will not forget those advice that you have always given since I met your honorable person, and even when you were on your sick bed and in your last call to me on your phone at that time you said: “ I have become unable to hear, but I know that you hear me, and therefore my advice to you is to continue your struggle, Doctor Quraya, and I pray for you to continue the struggle.” His abode, and a welcome better than his family, and admit him to Paradise, and protect him from the torment of the grave and from the torment of the Fire.

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