Rakhrokh receives the Chinese ambassador to Algeria – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The Minister of Public Works, Irrigation and Basic Facilities, Lakhdar Rakhroukh, received today, Tuesday, at the Ministry’s headquarters, His Excellency the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Algeria, Mr. Li Jian, at his request, where the two parties discussed opportunities for bilateral cooperation in the field of public works, irrigation and basic facilities.

During this meeting, the two sides reviewed the state of cooperation relations between the two countries, which were described as excellent in view of the effective partnership between Algeria and China.

The two parties also stressed the need to continue efforts to promote bilateral cooperation in the field of public works and irrigation, as well as to achieve more rapprochement in order to achieve common interests and mutual benefit between the two countries.

The minister expressed his satisfaction with the positive contribution of Chinese economic operators in achieving an additional impetus for the sector, calling on Chinese investors and businessmen to make more investments in Algeria in light of the advantages provided by the new investment law, in order to achieve the endeavor to diversify the national economy.

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